Hello world! An Artist’s will stuggle to find their voice


I got an Idea from Edward B. Gordon to post my larger paintings on this Blog rather than on my a painting a day blog. Those paintings are rather small and only take an hour or two to complete. These paintings take days. They cost more but they are many times very detailed and Complex. This painting of Easter Lillie’s is 15 by 22 and sells for $420.00 USD.
I will ship it to you for an additional $10.00 You can use Pay Pal or write me at my email address paintingaday@aol.com for information.

I used to paint loads of flowers and sometimes people would comment(as visitors will often do when they come into my space) Why don’t you paint_________ ? Now you can fill in the space here with animals, landscapes, abstracts, you name it & it was suggested. Now that I’m painting Koi people say, Why don’t you ever paint Flowers again? I can only smile, an Artist has to follow their own inner voice and be cognisant of what people will buy yet be true to themselves. Being an Artist isn’t like being an auto mechanic, a mechanic can work on any part of your car, it makes little difference to him, he is paid by the difficulty and the time it takes. An Artist will find the work suffers if they are working on a project that their heart and soul isn’t into. This is why so many Artists don’t do commissions.

When I painted this, I didn’t have a perfect photo but relied on my memory to supply the needed information for the painting. It seems to paint from photos, you have to practically be a professional artist to actually get a photo that you can use. The light and the perspective has to be pretty good. I find painting from life is great but with a large piece like this, taking a week or so, the flowers do not stay the same, especially if they are out side. You have the time of day, the wind, other variable so you need to use your artistic license and usually just try to distill the scene in your memory. I will spend a long time just staring at things. People know when I’m working up my next painting because they say I get this glazed look in my eyes and I don’t talk. This happens to me when I’m staring at an unfinished piece trying to visualize the changes and the steps needed to get me there. There is a lot of push pull when making art. You do something, it effect the whole piece, you have to make adjustments and reevaluate everything whenever you add something. Of course with watercolor you cannot just try stuff just to see how it will look, You have to know how the medium will react to the paper and the existing paint. You can alter things but sometimes you have to make adjustments which were not in the plan. It teaches you to be flexible. I have been painting for a long time over 30 years and I still struggle. I believe this is the Artist’s plight. Its because once you have mastered a challenge, you immediately place a bigger challenge in front of you and are feel as if your in the same place. Of course you hope your work evolves and that you can grow as an Artist. You have so many choices. You always have to be making decisions. I have been depending more on my intuitive side lately, It seems as if I have exhausted the intellectual side.
I do Constuctive Critiques for students and for many of my Artists friends at our Local Art League in Charlotte NC and it seems my intellectual side can easily help them figure out what works and what doesn’t but my intuative side always is the side that is dead on accurate when knowing if the painting is a good painting. Its like the hairs on my neck will get that whatever feeling and I will Just know, the painting is a good one. It about more than technique, it has to have some impact, sort of like falling in love you meet someone and you know they would be a great husband but if he doesn’t make you weak in the knees, forget about it!


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