Koi under red film

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Your probably wondering what the heck this photo is. Its my painting which has a red piece of Mylar over it. This way I can see the light pattern and the basic shape that is within the painting.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Now here is the painting. This is just one way to see the values and whats really happening with the light. Of course another way is to put your photo in photo-shop or most any photo software and change the color photo to black and white. I like the red film method, mostly because you can have a piece of this red film in your studio and hold it up to the painting without having to take a photo, it seems to really work well for me. I can periodically check for values and judge things as I make decisions.

Now some folks will plan out their value patterns before they get started and that works but I need to respond to the piece as I paint, so this is better suited to my approach. Also: remember the first wash is pretty much just swaths of color and water… I decide the pattern after I put this first paint on the paper by what is happening.
I see a Cruciform shape when I hold this painting up. I haven’t decided which way it will be displayed just yet.


2 thoughts on “Koi under red film

  1. Uaaaaaaaau! I like this even much more! Have you an “A painting a Year” blog 🙂 ? It could be a real sublime thing!

    Very very nice! I like it.


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