A day like no other …. No koi today

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I painted this painting a year or so ago when I was doing a woodlands series. It has several compositional techniques of note. First it is a study of isolated color. The orange swath being the isolated color and it is basically a composition of compliments in terms of color.

The title of this painting is also how my day felt. I ended up driving my brother to the hospital at 5:20 am and just got back 5:30 PM. He is OK, he has a Hernia and needs to have an operation. I did’t get any painting done today on my koi or daily painting, but I will try to see if I can get back to painting tomorrow… My brother may have to go back to the hospital so who knows, it may take a few more days.

While in the emergency room,I did read an excellent watercolor book by Don Andrews about several issues I was stuggling with.
 #1 is the importance of linkage of the white space, I was trying to keep a basic cruciform in white but systematically reducing the white to just light values. His thought is not to tone those areas but leave them stark if they are in the center of interest. The second thing is the dominance factor of the painting. The Koi painting is predominantly cool but it has to be less dominant in the warm colors. They cannot be equal. I also think that It needs a little less definition around some of the Koi and I should make some of the edges softer. I don’t want them to appear pasted on.


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