Koi 18 I think its finished for now WIP

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This WIP or Work In Progress still needs a name. I’ll figure that out next.
I am going to let this painting sit for at least a few days to decide if it is complete, but for now It is. I can glaze several areas to strengthen the colors and to blend the fish a little more. For a painting this size, it may need to just sit someplace and I’ll look at it periodically. Hopefully I’ll get some comments. I’ll know if it needs something else. I tried to tie the fish together so the pattern of light and dark would be interesting yet the fish would be in groupings rather then lots of single fish everywhere. I also greyed some areas because I feared to much bright would be overwhelming.

I also painted some streaks of blue for water running thru and around the painting. Tell me what you think. Be honest. I can’t get to be a better artist if I have no idea what it looks like to others. This doesn’t mean I’ll change it. But I will consider all comments as valid.

I’ll take a better photo of it in daylight, it’s after 9 pm now and this photo came out a bit dark.


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