JAY 1 light wash

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I finally got around to working on this piece. To be honest, I started painting on the last Koi painting again and will probably tweak it for a few days. Then…I painted my painting a day painting, went back to working on the other Koi and finally pulled this out so I could at least post something for you.

The idea here is that I am building up the cool and the warm areas which will be the foundation for the skin tone. Since its back lit, I have to figure out how the light hits his body from the edges. The arms are really rough right now and they basically are just long shapes. They need form which I will start on the next pass. I don’t like the straight line on the belly so I will most likely shorten it and give it a little bit of a curve. His diaphragm could be strengthened, and his hair is still very much in the air.

I wish I could put in at least one of the hands and maybe I can but since I used some sedimentary colors on the bottom I may not be able to pull that color out enought to put in a hand. The head looks too small but thats because I have saved the white light that is on the side of the head. I will mostly color that in with a warm wash of yellow but since I wasn’t sure, I will save it till the values get a little darker. Then, I’ll be able to figure out how light I can have the light side of the face. I will build up the skin with light washes. I will alternate warm on cool and cool on warm this will give the skin a little texture and depth.


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