Upstate Marshlands

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When I first moved to South Carolina I would hear talk of the Low lands or low country, this was a reference to the lower part of the state like Charleston or Beaufort and that made sense to me. There are all these marshes down there so not only did the low lands or low country refer to the place in relationship to the state but the lands are flatter and low almost sea level. Then I heard people talk about the upstate and this made me wonder if this was the reverse of the low country and yes that’s exactly what it is. Since I live about as far north as you can go in South Carolina (just blocks from the state line) I decided to name this painting upstate marshes. Here in Lake Wylie where the lake turns into a creek and the creek turns into a marsh ( swamp) you will see Blue Heron and White Egrets. Both beautifully tall and elegant birds while standing and teradacytal like in flight. My dogs get spooked when they fly overhead. I never could figure out why they might be scared of these birds till the day I saw one poop in mid air and realized what could happen to an unsuspecting land lover such as me. Needless to say, now I’m happy to watch them from a distance.

300 pound Frabiano paper 11 by 15


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