Skips Green …A new color

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I wanted to put up this little painting, it is slightly different because I added a new color to my palette, Its Skips Green, a Cheap Joe’s color named after Skip Lawrence, a noted watercolorist.

I think the bright green adds something to my usual colors and enjoyed using the new paint. I used it years ago when it first came out but didn’t have the same set of paints I now have and it just didn’t work. Now since I have so many cool darks the high chroma of the green really helps sets off the dark purple and ultramarine blue. I also have a lot of Andrews Turquoise on this painting. These two colors seem to work well together. Skips green is a semi transparent which is very heavy in nature. You have to dilute it to get it to move. When put on thickly it will stay put and even stand up a bit.

This week I will return to my Jay painting as I will have lots of time to get some of the details put in… I will be at an artist retreat … check it out if you have a minute.


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