“Koi in motion” my painting for this week

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I continue to think about a few of my incomplete paintings, The one posted in the last several weeks, but please, have patience. When I make some decisions, these paintings are only hours away from being finished. I’m hoping they will be award winners, I like them both!
Now on to this weeks painting…….

Here is another Koi painting and it is 15 by 11. It is finished but I have to admit I kept glazing it after I thought it was finished, because I introduced this bright Green to my palette and it seemed too bight. The chroma to high and I kept glazing over it. The “skips green” is beautiful but it pull forward quite a bit and this didn’t seem to work with this painting. I Glazed over it with Cyan, a heavily pigmented (dye) type color which is very transparent. The green still lives but not so warm as the original green.

I have a class to teach tomorrow and will probably be painting but not something I’ll post. Have a great weekend!


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