Pastoral Dreams

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Pastoral Dreams was painted in the Glazing method. This is a method used to give a painting atmosphere. You paint one wash over another bringing the painting up to the color you want. The washes or glazes are put on one at a time waiting for the last glaze to dry before starting a new glaze. You do this until you have a certain amount of depth. This painting started with yellow on the bottom and blue on top then as it went along the two colors made green of course. Then a little red in one corner for at least three glazes to make the blue go purple and Burn’t sienna over the yellow. Sometimes a bit of red on the bottom too. Finally you direct paint the trees, rocks,cows, grape vine and fence. Your done.
It takes awhile because you have to wait between each layer.

$300.00 11inches by 15 inches, can be matted to fit 16inches by 20 inche size frame. I’ve been influence by so many cow paintings I seen lately… I couldn’t resist. I had to paint my own cow painting.


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