Hello … a new presentation of my Painting a Week blog

I changed the presentation photo to this painting it’s one of my own paintings. I hope this doesn’t throw you off and make you think your on the wrong blog. For those of you who keep coming back to check on my progress, I want to say Thank You for stopping by each week. I view the stats page for this blog and I can see who drops by to check and it makes me happy to see you here again. I also want to say thank you for putting up with the typos and misspellings… Really I can spell but I can’t type fast… so sometimes in my haste and I do rush around. Just like everyone else it seems I running from one task to the next including this blog and my other three blogs and my e bay store and of course my REAL life so sometimes I just type as fast as I can and hit the Publish button, only when things slow down will I come back to check and then I see the errors and think Geese these folks must think I’m a moron.

I’m thinking I may change the Header from time to time to include one of my Koi or other paintings any that will work in the long thin format.
right now…
I’m working on a lesson plan for Aceos and for Jelly Bean figures… These are simple figures painted in a few strokes maybe I’ll put up a demo so you can see what I mean. The ACEOs are nothing new but for some folks who haven’t painted this small, I feel its a great way to learn how to divide up your picture plane and learn some good fundamental design concepts.


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