Check out Saatchi Showdown.. and vote for me!

Check it out and vote for me....

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One thought on “Check out Saatchi Showdown.. and vote for me!

  1. When are people going to learn that the Saatchi site has manipulated their traffic? The traffic is deceptive. If you visit sites that monitor traffic ( for example) and look up info about Saatchi you will see that a huge percent of the site traffic comes from India.

    India is notorious for having pay-per-click services that websites hire to boost their traffic. So it looks like some of those services may have been used to increase traffic ranking.

    Most sites with legitimate traffic gain the most flow from the US, UK, or Germany. Last time I checked those countries were not near the top three countries on Saatchi’s ranking. It looks fishy and I’m surprised people have not examined some of the claims that have been made further.

    If they have hired pay-per-click services there could be other deception going on. For example, during major competitions they could tell the company which artist to have employees vote for. So the whole system of popular voting could be a scam in that they can dictate who wins in the end by directing their hired ‘clickers’ to specific artists.

    If you don’t believe this may be an issue look up info on pay per click and the attitude that Techcrunch and others have on the issue.

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