Work in Progress… Jay

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Ok you can see I have darken up the painting by glazing multiple layers of cool and warm colors over the skin. I also darkened up the Grain. I have not painted in one eye yet,obviously and will figure out what I want to do with that area. I still may do something with that side of the face, it has a bit of a pasted on look. I don’t want that so I may bring the dark blue of the background onto the face. we’ll see.

I have been developing some paintings for my watercolor class and have been busy with that for most of today’s painting time. I’m teaching some of the techniques used in watercolor, such as using frisket film and all the other stuff one can use to mask off an area, also mouth atomizer, acrylic transfers, collage, pouring and stamping just to name a few. We are painting abstract so that should be fun!


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