“Red 01” roses, poppies and ?

This is the first day’s painting. It took about an hour and a half. As usual (for those that don’t know this)I paint without a plan and allow the paper and the paint to guide me. In the case of this piece, I knew I wanted to use the color red and as I had just finished a small piece with poppies I wanted poppies in this piece as well. You can see I started painting poppies on the left hand side and moved along to the right, paintings red flowers as they came to me. The blue was chosen because of my limited travel pallet. It only has one light and one dark blue. I knew I wanted intensity so I used the ultramarine blue, a choice I would not have made if using my large thirty tin color palette from my studio.
This painting helped me, painting it made me feel hope and also gave me a break from my thoughts and worries.


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