I have been painting this in the Hospital but now will finish it here in my studio. I have a basic idea in mind but will allow the painting to tell me where to go next. I like the two bright colors, red and blue next to each other. I considered introducing a third color ( but if you want to get technical there are several colors in the reds but I guess I mean dominant colors.) but can’t decide…. I won’t do it unless the new color will enhance what I have & not take away from what is happening now.

The photo above my easel is of my daughter and her dog in California ( those are grape vines).
Shes 27 and busy so I keep her photo there to remind me to call her once in awhile, just to remind her that her mom loves her. We are both the type that tends not to call often. I hate phones and would rather talk in person or not at all.


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