Almost finished…


I didn’t know where this was going but let me tell you a few things that I considered.

1. I wasn’t going to put in all these stems just a few and not have any of them touch the bottom edge this would give the piece less of a grounded look and it would appear as if the flowers were tossed in the air or as if they were floating.

2. I was thinking of blocking in a wavy green almost seaweed looking grass going from the left over to the right.

3. Introduce another color and form a cross behind the roses with this other color.

4. paint the roses like a river flowing down the page and off the edge.

5. Introduce a isolated color as a flower which would then be the one that was different and of course the focal point.

6.Paint the flowers in a cruciform shape.

So you can see I do think about this stuff and usually when I get stuck, I stop painting the painting until one of the ideas just seems right.
This idea which is the most conventional came tome today and the gradation of color seemed to be one of the important elements of the design.

what do you think?


2 thoughts on “Almost finished…

  1. I really LOVE your art work and I am so happy that I found your blog. I like your color palette. You are very talented. I will come by to visit again. Thanks for sharing so much information. Marian

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