Ancient Ritual 30 …. a series

ancientritual30 photoSOLD
5 by 7 acrylic on canvas panel

I thought I would show you how I put these small paintings on a clip board to take a photo. After I take the photo, I crop off the unwanted section and resize it using photo software. Then I upload it to my blog.

ancient ritual30 finished
I think its finished… This series is exploring ritual and how we use ritual for the marking of time and of the important events in our lives.


2 thoughts on “Ancient Ritual 30 …. a series

  1. A beautiful, spiritual painting that I feel shows how we humans cling together, using the rituals of religion, of spirituality, of friendship, of various groups that tie people together in some way, using almost anything that makes us feel less alone in the vastness of the universe. I feel that this great unknown is symbolized in the painting by the stark land and by the seemingly endless sea.

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