Swirling Koi not a painting a day

swirling Koi

I painted this in three passes, meaning I did about 75% in one sitting then when in on the second pass and did anothe 15 % by makeing some changes to the fish and their placement. Then I darkened the water and made it have some wave defination, I wanted it to have more movement. Now today the finishing touches and the last 10% I spent a lot of time looking at it and deciding what it needed. I believe now it to be finished. I call it “swirling Koi” because of the water swirling by them.

You can look back and see the first two stages.


2 thoughts on “Swirling Koi not a painting a day

  1. Beautiful!!! And I still think that koi shouldn’t be humanized by giving them human shaped eyes. Where koi are concerned, I’m not into “artistic license”, although I enjoy it greatly with other subjects. However, I take my koi very seriously, as I’m sure that you can tell. For me human shaped eyes are distracting because I want to revel in a koi’s unique, natural beauty.

    By the way, is this painting for sale? If so, what size is it and how much does it cost? A fortune, I’ll bet, and I’ll also bet that it’s a weird size that has to be taken to a framer. Why do Painting a Day painters usually use such non-standard sizes? It drives me nuts!

    Best wishes!!!

  2. P.S. I think that koi with human shaped eyes look vaguely sinister, sort of like gangster koi. I love koi and koi ponds and water lilies and all because they’re peaceful. Gangsters aren’t peaceful.

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