Pink and red roses WIP


I painted these two roses last night, I don’t have a plan for them, I guess I’ll just cut them in half and make two 12″ by 7 inch paintings out of them. Art has had a bad day and was in severe pain so I basically medicated him into sleep. I can’t take the moaning. I always tend to paint flowers when he’s sick. Maybe its because they make me feel better.

These are painted using the glaze method. this is where you paint thin color and allow it to dry then paint another thin layer over the first until you build up the color. It helps make the watercolor more luminescent


One thought on “Pink and red roses WIP

  1. I feel that the two roses should be left side by side, the way that they are shown. The rosebud to the left represents to me potential or possibilities because the rose is still a bud. One doesn’t know whether or not it will turn into a beautiful, perfect rose or whether something, the weather, insects, disease, etc., has caused or will cause a flaw during its development. The more fully opened bud to the right shows that the tight bud will probably fulfill its destiny of perfection. The mystery of the unknown has been left, however, because the right rose hasn’t fully opened yet. I used to be a rosarian with over 100 roses and I feel that the two roses together can be taken as a positive visual metaphor for anything that one hopes will go well.

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