Lake Wylie Blue Heron


This is 15 by 22 and is watercolor on paper. SOLD


2 thoughts on “Lake Wylie Blue Heron

  1. Hi, Shant:
    What time of day or night do you usually post your new paintings? I didn’t think that you would post one on Thanksgiving, but maybe I would have missed out, anyway, because I don’t know your time schedule. Do you have one?
    Thank you,

  2. Great blue herons are such magnificent birds, yet they seem to be almost a character of an egret. Why, then, do most cars stop when a great blue is by the roadside, yet they do not for an egret. I think that it shows that the stately elegance of the heron is appreciated more than the obvious beauty of the egret. This painting, for example, would not have the impact that it has if it had an egret in place of the heron, in my opinion. Yet egrets are more appropriate in other paintings. I find it a puzzle and I admire an artist who can put each species in the painting in which it belongs.

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