WIP 35 by 35 watercolor on paper Koi

Here is another shot of my wip Koi “under the falls”.   I want to repaint the koi on the left, which I’ll do this week some time. This piece is 24 by 24 acrylic.DSCF2053  Here is my newest start.. it is 35 by 35 inches DSCF2050  Here is how it looks after I have wet the paper and have painted the first layer of paint.   Koi painting wip Its pretty wet and I use towels to sop up all the water from around the sides and under the bottom.DSCF2050   Its a long way from being complete but you can see how I start with a wet into wet underpainting. Then while its wet I pull out the fish and then when its  only damp, I paint in the shadows and the parts of the fish I want softened.     I have included a close up so you can see the thickness of the paint… also  notice…that I don’t blend the paint.  I have the paper wet on both sides on a slanted plexiglass and I tilt it and rotate it so that the colors run together to form interesting mixes. Mud will result if you over mix when its this wet and when you use so many compliments.   close up of paint on paper Here is a photo of one of my best friends, Sam, he loves to watch me paint.   sam down underCheck back with me again and I’ll try to take more photos as I go along.  


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