day 2 wip


Ok ….today I took out the Phathlo blue-green and mixed in a little GAC 100 which makes acrylics flow a bit easier ( they usually get a little less intense)and also gives them a bit more drying time. This color makes a great glaze and since the painting needed a little more uniformity I decided to paint this over large areas of the Purple and ultramarine sections. Then I painted one little yellow fish in one area, I don’t know If I’ll keep this little koi, its there for now so I can visualize, its placement helps me see what can and will be. As an intuitive painter I don’t draw out the painting or even use a value study. I’ve learned over time that if I trust my painting instincts, I will usually paint a work of art that is pleasing. This doesn’t mean I don’t follow any of the “rules” of art which seems like blasphemy to some artists, it just means I allow myself to react to the piece as it develops while making active decisions as to what I’ll keep and what I won’t.

I painted the glaze on with a synthetic brush dipped in water.


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