wip Koi on the move ( I think)

This is my latest up date on this painting. I have been having to grab moments here and there in order to get this painting finished. I have a good feeling about its progress and I love some of the combinations.

here is a close up of the lower left hand corner.

top centermid right

I didn’t paint this with hard lines because it isn’t supposed to be the center of attention and I have lots of hard edges in other place.  Every painter has to ( at times) rein themselves in when painting, sometimes you want to describe every detail to the viewer and sometimes you can just paint too much because you absolutely love the process. You see this with children… they don’t always care about the finished product they enjoy the painting.  I really enjoy the painting and like to see what happens with every stroke of the brush.  There is this feeling of controlled excitement with the evolution of the painting.  I never know what’s going to happen, I only plan one stroke at a time. Then I step back about 6 feet so I don’t get hung up in the close up view.  I use a red piece of acrylic to check the values and I squint my eyes so the entire piece is seen more homogenous and less detailed.  This piece will be for sale, if interested, you should email me. the size is 22 inches by 30 inches.  shantmarie@aol.com



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