day one …the process of painting a commission

I ‘ve had several emails back and forth discussing everything from price to colors and have a comission for a portrait of a young boy out for a day of fun.

I have played with this photo a bit…   I cropped off the part behind the boys head so he is in the best possible spot on the page for a focal area.   This pic was sent to me by my client.  I made the background fuzzy as most of it is very unimportant.  I do not plan on painting the person walking thru the shot,  I also will not paint the large giraffe on the right side as its distracting.  I will keep the sky and the trees,  I will change the strap of the binoculars so it isn’t so dark and I will probably change the way it hangs down, it appears to be too important and also is a echo of the arms.   The client wants me to make it appear African as this is where the photo was taken.  I will use some African colors in the chair and the boys shirt and hopes this is enough to suggest Africa.  Commissions can be difficult, spelling out everything in advance is always best.

If I have to, I’ll put the giraffe back in  but I think it wouldn’t really help the painting.


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