close up of face WIP

This photo isn’t as sharp as I would like but all this up loading takes time so it will have todo.  Here you can see my pencil lines. 

 I darkened the neck, it helps to shape the face .  I took out one of the ears as it was distracting and not needed.   The other ear needs to be refined and one of the eyes needs work ( the fold is off) These things will wait for another day.  I usually limit myself to two hours on each of these as they run the risk of being over worked.  Your mind works at a high level of concentration as an artist and will need a rest.  You will always see things a little better after puttng the piece away and coming back to it.  If you still want to continue to work on something, pull another painting  out and work on it. This way you will start  fresh and this piece will not become stiff.


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