Taking the day off, its my birthday… have a good weekend


This is my ad for the month of september its in American art collector magazine… 

I’m working on a commission piece right now for a family that will be in the next Ad (October), check back to see how that painting is going. I’ll post it as it gets going…  Its a 20 by 20, watercolor on paper and it will have a Koi representing each member of the family. 

I got a call today..  to do a show for the Patina gallery in Texas but I’m booked pretty much for the entire month of October so I can’t fit it in.. Too bad because the Gallery is very very very nice.  I’m a little low on inventory right now anyway, this is a problem when you do commissions, the paintings go out the door almost immediately so you don’t have a lot of recent work framed and ready to go into galleries.  This isn’t a bad thing of course but it is nice to have a body of work which you work thru a theme or a concept. 

Also.. I’ll be making a DVD(instructional) so be looking for that, I’ll sell them on my blog (inexpensive) because seeing is so much easier than reading when it comes to art.  Also I think Dick Blick will be selling them … the deal is still in the works, so I’ll have to give you more information as It comes thru.


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