the choice for this portrait

 Here you can see what I did was draw three circles and paint each circle with a mixture.   I pre mixed the paint before painting it into the circles so it is consistent.    The first one (on the left) is the under painting or first wash, the second will be the next wash which will not cover everything, some of the lightest portions of the 1st wash will be painted around. ( I don’t use frisket for faces).  This will allow the lightest areas to act as a highlight.  The first wash will almost look white when we are finished.  White is a bit harsh so except for in a few instances I will cover all of the face in the lightest 1st wash…. The recipe for the third circle (right) is the same as for the second, but its mixed just slightly stronger in intensity.  If you want to go darker you would add burnt sienna or burnt umber to this mixture.

The colors are New Gamboge  (yellow), Permanant Rose(red) and raw sienna (also yellow)

This is a very warm skin tone so should be used for children who are tanned and have warm undertones to their skin.  Cobalt blue will be added for the cooler shadows and under certain areas to push the brightness back and to help things recede.  Cool colors recede, while warm color create the illusion of being closer.


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