young boy..Portrait art lesson

you can click on the photo to enlarge.

Here you can see the painting is becoming a bit more refined, it’s still has a ways to go but its best to allow the painting to sit and be totally dry before we start the the next set of  glazes.  In the next step, we will correct any problem areas and also put more shadow on the left side while allowing the right side to appear as if it’s in sunlit.

The eyes start out very red and are darkened with each subsequent glaze.  I use sepia and ultra marine blue to get the deep color of the eyes.

If your unsure of how the glazes work, basically you paint in very thin layers of paint allowing each to dry between layers. You create depth by using these thin layers. You can paint red, allow to dry then paint blue and it will appear as purple.  You can change it over and over by simply changing the color as long as you use transparent paint you will have a stained glass effect.

I use a bri


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