About Me

I’m 53, an artist living in South Carolina and dreaming of the day I can travel to some really cool place like India, france or beliz, I’m sure I’ll never go to any of those placesshantoutside.jpg but you gotta dream right?

Check out my other blogs… http://freeartlessons.wordpress.com    or http://shantimarie.wordpress.com

One is my daily painter’s blog and the other is filled with work in progress mostly larger paintings and commissions.

Also I have a mac web site


This older website  http://www.shantimarie.com   will soon be gone.

I’m going to archive it some day. I just can’t seem to let it go.  Its a part of me


9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi, my name is Shanti I’m an artist living in South Carolina in the USA. I moved here ten years ago from my home in California. Leaving behind a fast paced, hectic lifestyle I wanted a richer more rewarding lifestyle and time to devote to my Art.
    I paint everyday. I paint daily paintings which you can see and purchase on one of my other blogs… http://shantimarie.wordpress.com or shant-shantimarie.blogspot.com and even on ebay.
    The small painting a day paintings are a good discipline and help me work out passages for larger paintings but the larger painting are my real work. On this blog I will post my work in progress so you can follow along as I paint and see how I’m progressing. I may put in artist tips for watercolor and of course comment about the daily life of being an artist. Thanks for stopping by and I encourage you to write to me if your interested in my work or would like to exchange a link. paintingaday@aol.com or shantmarie@aol.com

  2. Shanti,

    I have enjoyed viewing your work (your Koi paintings are great!) and look forward to following your Works in progress.

    Good luck with your newest endeavor,

  3. Love the simplicity of your work… and the Mouse in da House… very clever. reminds me of my niece’s work. She lives in Oregon, I live in N Ireland. envy your access to the blue ridge mts.

  4. Hi Shanti,
    I just came across your web site and I just love your work, all of it….. I have been working on some koi painting in acrylic inks but they look really kitch by comparison, urghhh. Your work is most inspiring, thank you for sharing such beauty..

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