Koi Painting work in progress painting…

Trying to pull together several painting so they can be finished, one for a customer, one for a show and one just for me.

Below you can see several paintings I have sitting about my studio space… I am working on all of them at once…. trying to get them either finished or started.   I work this way sometimes because its best to let some paintings sit rather then work on them too long.  They become over worked and stagnant if painted for hours and hours.   One is an oil painting which I just need a few adjustments and it will be complete…  its the water painting with the yellow trees.  The next looks like a light blue and purple combination, its also a water painting and we do not know where its going but I have a pastel kinda monet feeling for it so it will start in that direction.

The one on the floor is the one I started yesterday and I  will work on it today.  Its the only watercolor in the bunch so I’ll have to clean my pallet before I start painting it again.

This painting is sitting on my back porch to dry Its a combination of Gesso and watercolor painted on canvas.


wip #8 oil painting in progress painting by Shanti Marie

You can see about three layers of various colors I have chosen to paint. These colors are about 4 times darker than the first layer of color. Most are the same colors only darker.

Here you might see I have started to put the color in for the Geisha. I always include the same colors in the background in the fore ground. Here I have painted purple, green and blue in the hair, because these colors are in the water. The red’s I choose are important… I’m thinking along the lines of opposites of the blues and greens.

day 2 wip


Ok ….today I took out the Phathlo blue-green and mixed in a little GAC 100 which makes acrylics flow a bit easier ( they usually get a little less intense)and also gives them a bit more drying time. This color makes a great glaze and since the painting needed a little more uniformity I decided to paint this over large areas of the Purple and ultramarine sections. Then I painted one little yellow fish in one area, I don’t know If I’ll keep this little koi, its there for now so I can visualize, its placement helps me see what can and will be. As an intuitive painter I don’t draw out the painting or even use a value study. I’ve learned over time that if I trust my painting instincts, I will usually paint a work of art that is pleasing. This doesn’t mean I don’t follow any of the “rules” of art which seems like blasphemy to some artists, it just means I allow myself to react to the piece as it develops while making active decisions as to what I’ll keep and what I won’t.

I painted the glaze on with a synthetic brush dipped in water.

work in progress (WIP)

I wet the canvas and I covered it in moist gesso, so far its very much like a wet into wet watercolor. Then I apply the paint while the gesso is damp. This takes very strong pigment because the gesso will act as white paint diluting the color and saturation. One has to make sure not to over mix. If you do over mix the gesso and the paint, the values will all be very much the same.

Next I pulled the gesso over the top of the paint in a dry brush fashion. Now I’ll let it dry. Check back with me to see how I complete this painting. I’ll finish it in the next few days.


Four Koi


Here are four small paintings I’m painting for a commission, I plan to paint seven this week so the client can have at least four that they like. The others will go on my painting a day blog. http://shantimarie.wordpress.com They are all different and I like that.

All are watercolor on gessoed masonite or texture clayboard.

These are 8 by 10.

This is a work in progres… check back with me to see more paintings.

work in progress


I have finished one section of my work in progress and decided to post it here. I plan to finish it later this week.

I love this piece, the fish are really intertwined and this is frequently how you will see koi, they tend to swim in groups.   I’m glazing now, painting the piece in an upright position.      

The painting is  dry and I paint layer over layer to create a sense of depth and  multiple color layers changing the color and sometimes strengthen it.

This is about 18 by 33, watercolor on paper.