second day work in progress Day 2 Koi attempt to climb the falls and my next “monet” painting


WIP # 10 Geisha in Oil work in progress.

I’m trying to decide if I should put the flowers on the right side of the geisha or take them out… also  I’m trying to decide if the kimono color is right.  should I use analogous colors or should I keep it warm.

wip #8 oil painting in progress painting by Shanti Marie

You can see about three layers of various colors I have chosen to paint. These colors are about 4 times darker than the first layer of color. Most are the same colors only darker.

Here you might see I have started to put the color in for the Geisha. I always include the same colors in the background in the fore ground. Here I have painted purple, green and blue in the hair, because these colors are in the water. The red’s I choose are important… I’m thinking along the lines of opposites of the blues and greens.

Oil Painting Work in progress #5 the water

I start out light… this is not the way most painters start… Usually you would start out with the darks, but since I have a bit of a tendency to paint very dark I have decided to apply this paint in reverse.
I don’t want to use a plan (believe me I know all the methods for applying paint and planning a painting and this works best for me) I like to allow intuition or what ever you want to label it, be my muse.

All I have decided is I want a wave of water and a geisha. Perhaps I may add other asian type symbols into the piece… some of these may be a ginkgo leaf, or a maple leaf, we’ll see if they end up in the final painting.