Animals with Attitude ” G Man”


I worked on the background and it looks a little better, I still think he could use a little bit more greying down, I think I’ll let this oil paint dry down and decide later. 18 by 24 oil on canvas


My models for the next series


In this photo I have my two models next to each other and as you can see it was very hot. No air conditioning and I had to shoot some photos pretty fast before both of them passed out!
I’m gathering reference photos for my new series “Geisha” but I may also include Kabuki as well, I think it will be a bit edgy but I won’t know till I get started. I usually allow the paintings to dictate what will happen in each painting. I’m thinking bold colors, big shapes and clean lines.100_1983

A new year in my studio

studio091shanti2008 Hi folks.. Its a new year and I’ve decided to up load some shots of my studio just as I stepped into it this morning…  I’m working on a couple of commissions and have just finished Winter’s dream (  you can see it on top of the small TV ).

I’m trying to get back into the daily painter’s regimen but with commissions paying the rent it can be difficult.  Both of these oil paintings are rather large and one is almost finished while the other is just getting started.   I also have another customer who is developing her ideas as to what she wants in a Koi painting of her two Koi… I’ll be sure to post it as I begin the work on it



Perservarance lll

Acrylic on Canvas 11 by 14  Perservarance lll is part of a small series I’m doing.

This photo came out a bit darker than the actual painting.  I’m sorry but it was late when I finished and I don’t take the best photographs inside under lights.    I also made a few adjustments to the top line on the fish on the right.  I’ll post the painting again tomorrow and maybe it will be finished 

  If you go to my other blog,  you can read my latest post, it gives you a better idea of the issues I have been dealing with this week with these acrylic paintings. 


Perseverance ll

18 by 18 acrylic on wood panel.   


I have struggled a bit with this piece and as things would have it…. this is actually the second painting,  I started another one, on canvas….then realized my Koi were red and they were supposed to be brown and yellow or gold.  I was painting this painting for a possible commission and as part of a series.    Anyway, because my  painting style is intuitive, I have to sometimes remind myself of certain aspects I wanted to include in a piece.   Otherwise I’ll just let it happen and  I’ll forget what I’m supposed to be painting.   Usually, I just reach for what ever color I feel the piece needs at the moment.  So you can see both paintings, I’ll put the other painting up later tonight.