second day work in progress Day 2 Koi attempt to climb the falls and my next “monet” painting


Koi Painting work in progress painting…

Trying to pull together several painting so they can be finished, one for a customer, one for a show and one just for me.

Below you can see several paintings I have sitting about my studio space… I am working on all of them at once…. trying to get them either finished or started.   I work this way sometimes because its best to let some paintings sit rather then work on them too long.  They become over worked and stagnant if painted for hours and hours.   One is an oil painting which I just need a few adjustments and it will be complete…  its the water painting with the yellow trees.  The next looks like a light blue and purple combination, its also a water painting and we do not know where its going but I have a pastel kinda monet feeling for it so it will start in that direction.

The one on the floor is the one I started yesterday and I  will work on it today.  Its the only watercolor in the bunch so I’ll have to clean my pallet before I start painting it again.

This painting is sitting on my back porch to dry Its a combination of Gesso and watercolor painted on canvas.

Perseverance ll

18 by 18 acrylic on wood panel.   


I have struggled a bit with this piece and as things would have it…. this is actually the second painting,  I started another one, on canvas….then realized my Koi were red and they were supposed to be brown and yellow or gold.  I was painting this painting for a possible commission and as part of a series.    Anyway, because my  painting style is intuitive, I have to sometimes remind myself of certain aspects I wanted to include in a piece.   Otherwise I’ll just let it happen and  I’ll forget what I’m supposed to be painting.   Usually, I just reach for what ever color I feel the piece needs at the moment.  So you can see both paintings, I’ll put the other painting up later tonight.