work in progress oil on wood

I painted the flowers and touched up her hair a bit. This piece is almost finished. I watched a surfing movie to get a feel for the wave and changed a few things on it. I’ll post the entire painting in the next day or two. The movie was call the billabong something… opps can’t remember I want to say Dynasty but thats not it.


Animals with Attitude ” G Man”


I worked on the background and it looks a little better, I still think he could use a little bit more greying down, I think I’ll let this oil paint dry down and decide later. 18 by 24 oil on canvas

My models for the next series


In this photo I have my two models next to each other and as you can see it was very hot. No air conditioning and I had to shoot some photos pretty fast before both of them passed out!
I’m gathering reference photos for my new series “Geisha” but I may also include Kabuki as well, I think it will be a bit edgy but I won’t know till I get started. I usually allow the paintings to dictate what will happen in each painting. I’m thinking bold colors, big shapes and clean lines.100_1983

repairing a painting


This painting was punctured ( top photo) and here you can see the patch on the reverse side of the painting. I was told by folks who do this for a living… all you need to do is ; smooth out the fibers which were ripped, lay the canvas back as it should look, use any archival glue such as “YES” or any medium (used in collage) such as matte medium for acrylics to hold a new piece of canvas onto the back side of the painting. Then allow this patch to dry over night. When everything is dry, you will repaint this area and later use retouch varnish to give the front of the painting a consistent look. After six months the painting should be varnish. koiradiance2