“BIG Red” work in progress

big-red 18 by 24 oil on canvas, $500.00 This painting is a commission and I just wanted you to see the progress.



I started this yesterday ( Thursday) I like it but I may have to change two things. Its Oil on canvas 18 by 24. I’ll let it set overnight and decide tomorrow.
it was so beautiful today I think about 70 degrees….. I could hardly stand staying indoors and doing my work. I went to the lake (Lake Wylie SC) and walked for about an hour, with the dogs of course.

I am working on a big project right now… up loading some new lessons to my free art lesson’s blog and to the Art by example . com website. I plan to do some video taping tomorrow and after we get it edited there should be some free video of me painting my Koi…. Its all so exciting!
Check back to see how this painting progresses.

Perservarance lll

Acrylic on Canvas 11 by 14  Perservarance lll is part of a small series I’m doing.

This photo came out a bit darker than the actual painting.  I’m sorry but it was late when I finished and I don’t take the best photographs inside under lights.    I also made a few adjustments to the top line on the fish on the right.  I’ll post the painting again tomorrow and maybe it will be finished 

  If you go to my other blog,  http://shantimarie.wordpress.com  you can read my latest post, it gives you a better idea of the issues I have been dealing with this week with these acrylic paintings.