This photo has a wider prospective and you can see the entire painting.  I darkened up the lower right hand side with reds and browns all transparent color. This helps bring out the purple and blue fish at the bottom right hand corner.

 I’m planing right now to make the black and white Koi on the upper left hand side of the painting the focal point.  This is why I painted him in such detail.  I’m probably going to paint in another white Koi next to the big red and white Koi in the center.  I’m going to point him going into the painting rather than going out of the painting.   


40″ by 40″ work in progress, yipee!!! Its finished

Koi Connection

40 inches by 40 inches watercolor on paper. I finished this piece this week and wanted to post it. I really enjoyed painting this piece because it just seemed to come to me very easily and quickly. I had three weeks to finish and tomorrow is the deadline so I’m always happy anytime I can beat the deadline. I spent one week of planning, looking at reference, drawing value studies and thinking and composing the design of the piece. The colors were given to me by the client but of course I had free rein as to how to make it work. The second week I painted it, I set aside three different times for painting sessions with several days between each session. This is to give me time to look at the painting to see what it needs. Also, I showed it to other artists and I take into account what I hear from them yet remain true to my own interpretation. The third week is set aside for final details and on this piece I really did very little in the detail area. For example… I didn’t make the eyes realistic or put in scales or water plants and such. All these things, I could have done. I didn’t feel the piece needed it and I felt it would just put too many shapes and things into the piece which would take away from its main beauty, the water and the movement. Regarding the design….I wanted something that resembled a circle but also had the box within a box feel. I made it circular with an open ended upper left hand corner.   I think this gives the piece a nice circular feeling but yet also opens up the circle at the top so it isn’t  completely closed.      I wanted to give the feeling of connection or interconnection amongst the koi while allowing them to be individuals.   You’ll see they all look a bit different.  I love that about the fish, its as if they are one big family and you have little Kathy and Jason and Mark right there with uncle Jack and Aunt Martha.     I still have to name this piece and I’ll figure it out and let you know. 

OK I have it.. Koi Radiance is the name
It radiates color, light and movement. The Koi represent mankind struggling thru life which is represented by the water.